Police warning after burglaries

18:32, Oct 16 2012

A spate of burglaries near Thames has sparked a warning from police to check garages and sheds for missing items.

Sergeant Jared Thompson from Thames police said staff had already started to recover many items - many of which have not yet been reported missing.

"We have started to recover various property, including power tools and the like, which we are sure have been stolen from around the Tararu area but have yet to be missed by the owners and reported as stolen," he said.

Mr Thompson said police had a number of "strong suspects" and hoped arrests would be made soon, in relation to the burglaries.

He urged residents to check their sheds, homes, vehicles and garages and to spread the word amongst neighbours about remaining vigilant.

"If you disturb someone, call 111 and but don’t go wandering around outside. If you wander around it will destroy any track for a police dog."


Waikato Times