Twins take on South Pole

Josh Lyon
Josh Lyon

Two Waikato brothers who have been planning a South Pole adventure for months are also hoping to set a few world records on their journey.

Zac and Josh Lyon, both 21, are aiming to become the youngest pair, the first twins and the first New Zealanders to complete the round trip from the Antarctic coast to the South Pole.

They will also race to set the record for the fastest return journey, in less than 69 days.

''It's a big ask. It's all hugely weather dependent, but I think we should be able to give it a fair go. We'll go down there with all guns blazing and whatever happens, happens. We're not trying to push ourselves to do something stupid,'' said Zac. 

Starting in November, the twins will walk to the South Pole and kite-ski back, hauling more than 100kgs over a distance nearly one and a half times the length of New Zealand.

Until then, they are launching a campaign to raise $40,000USD with, to fund the excursion and training in Norway and Greenland beforehand.

While family and friends are in complete support, the question the twins most commonly face is: Why?

''Really we just want to show the rest of New Zealand, and people who might even look up to us someday, that with hard work and dedication you can achieve anything.

''The big thing about this is that very few people have done it. Maybe 45,000 people have climbed Everest but ... there's only around 20 individuals that have completed this return journey. It's the windiest, driest, and one of the coldest places on Earth, so we'll be testing our own boundaries against the worst the world can throw at us.'' 

The boys, with the help of Olympic rower Rob Hamill, will launch their campaign today.  Zac and Josh will post regular updates to their Facebook, blog and website. Pledges to help their fundraising can be made at