Dalek invasion of New Zealand

19:49, Oct 19 2012

A Dalek invasion of New Zealand is under consideration as part of Doctor Who lead Matt Smith's campaign to film an episode here.

Actor Terry Malloy, who played the creator of the Doctor's arch enemies the Daleks in the BBC show, told the Waikato Times he'd developed a script that could be shot in New Zealand with Sir Peter Jackson directing. The Hobbit director said he'd love to direct Doctor Who after Mr Smith floated the idea with the Times last month.

''I have got a very very very good story, which involved Davros and the Doctor, it's a world changer,'' Mr Malloy, who arrived from Britain this week to appear at the Armageddon Expo in Auckland at the weekend. ''Shall we say and it clips everything on the head. I'm not letting it out, but if (Doctor Who's head writer and executive producer) Steven Moffat wants to talk to me or if he wants to use the idea for a New Zealand story then  providing I'm in it I might just let it go.

''He's one of the Doctor's very nemesis and he has this ongoing battle with the Daleks just like everybody else does and they behave like naughty children and he sometimes has to slap them down and put them back in order again and carry on doing what he wants to do which is to take over vast portions of the universe.

''I'd love to do Davros again, absolutely, it would square the circle. You can pass that on along with Matt Smith.''Mr Malloy will have some competition in Wellington based Doctor Who writer Neil Cross who has already put up his hand to write a New Zealand based episode. Mr Cross is a friend of Doctor Who executive producer Caro Skinner who has also voiced support.

Other Doctor Who alumni  Mark Strickson, who played fifth Doctor Peter Davison's assistant Vislor Turlough, and Garrick Hagon, who guested in the stories The Mutants and A Town Called Mercy, have also voiced approval of the idea and begged for parts.

''I can't see anybody turning it down,'' Mr Malloy said. ''We'd be fighting each other like cats in the middle of a dark room. It's a perfect idea.

''I think Peter Jackson would jump at the chance as well. I was talking to (seventh Doctor) Sylvester McCoy, we were doing a convention in Swansea last month, and of course he's over here a lot doing The Hobbit and he just said he was loving it. He was saying it would be a great place to do a Doctor Who episode.''

New Zealand Post recently released a set of four stamps of characters from the Hobbit, including two of McCoy's character, prompting UK science fiction, fantasy and horror magazine SFX to suggest Sir Peter was subliminally connecting New Zealand to Doctor Who.

''It may be that Matt (Smith) had made that comment and Sylv had picked up on it thought that it was a good idea. He was saying that he's backwards and forwards to New Zealand and loves it and I think he's coming over next April with Colin (Baker) and Peter (Davison) and Paul (McGan), they are doings a special convention.''

It's called Lords of Time and is being jointly organised by the Armageddon Expo and Big Finish Productions which will host it at the Pullman Hotel in Auckland on April 13. Tickets are $399.
Mr Malloy, who was speaking  from Lyttleton Harbour, said New Zealand make a wonderful setting for his script.

''It's glorious, absolutely glorious,'' he said. ''Stunning, I would use the word awesome except that I hate that word because it's been so overused. It is gobsmackingly beautiful.''

Mr Molloy is one of four actors to play Davros but has inhabited the role more than the other three.

''I started in the programme doing one episodes, Resurrection of the Daleks, I thought for a couple of weeks and I thought that was it but I have now played Davros 17 times  on the telly, the Big Finish audio productions and the stage play. You rack up a few miles and you obviously rack up a fair amount of experience about the character and what the show is all about.

''I'm certainly not a geek who know every episode, in fact I can barely name half a dozen, but I have great fondness for the programme and great fondness for the people who are great fans of it. It's lovely to met them and chat to them.''

Molloy, who was passed over to play Davros in the 2008 David Tennant stories The Stolen Earth and Journey's End.

''When I  wasn't asked to do it the fans were quite upset about it and somebody commented 'Of course they wouldn't ask Terry to do it, he's far too old now,' and I thought looking at Davros how old do you think he is? How old do you think I am? I'm in my 60s, but I'm not that old. I can still get around. I do a lot of other stuff.''

Molloy said he didn't take it personally.

''It's the nature of the business. You can't get upset about things like that. I took it over from somebody else, you pass the mantle along. It's down to the individual producer to who they want in their individual production. If the BBC asked me to do it I would probably say yes.  Having said that it's a demanding job to do.''

He last played the mad scientist last year.

''We did a Big Finish Production, (sixth Doctor) Colin (Baker) and I called The Curse of Davros and it was a good one. A really good one.''

Molloy is currently playing a renegade Timelord, like the Doctor, in a Big Finish audio serial.

''The character is called  Stoyn and he's what they call a quad rigger and he maintains the old TARDISes and he's on the loose like the Doctor except he hadn't got a TARDIS and he's trying to get his hands on one.''I have always been a fan of Doctor Who and I was really pleased when the new series came out and I think they did  a good job in recreating the feel and the sense of the classic series as they call it was.''

Molloy hardly gets recognised in the streets, though, as the character he has immortalised was realised through rubber prosthetics.

''The photograph of the real me on my website is the mask, underneath I actually do look like Davros. I sometimes feel like that anyway, I'll tell you,'' he joked.

Acting through the mask wasn't ever a problem for Molloy.

''It's interesting, shall we say, as  you are creating a character with your voice. That's what my work over the years has been on radio, creating character through the voice.

''I've done a lot of audios with Colin (Baker) and we have done a panto as well. I worked with Sylvester (McCoy) on stage long before we did Doctor Who together and Peter (Davison)  had done a small film.I have worked with them all. Paul McGann I have only done audio with.''

Asked who his favourite Doctor was Mr Molloy said: ''My doctor, Dr Cherry, he's really good. he prescribed fantastic medicine. Your favourite Doctor is the Doctor you grew up with. It has to be. So my favourite Doctor is  Patrick Troughton. He's the one I grew up with, which is why I love Matt Smith. Matt Smith reminds me a lot of Pat Troughton.''

Mr Molloy will appear at all three days of Armageddon at the ASB Showgrounds in Auckland.

''I'm not sure if I'm going to be doing Q&A's each day, but I'm certainly going to be there doing signings and chatting to people,'' he said. ''I'm certainly looking forward to getting up to the North Island and looking around their too.''