Correct online presence key to career

16:25, Oct 22 2012

How you are known online is just as important as who you know when it comes to landing a job, a career expert says.

Careers New Zealand career consultant Jo Gordon yesterday presented a course, "Harnessing social media to get the job you want", at Hamilton City Library.

She developed the social media workshop after recognising a need in the marketplace to help individuals understand how their social profile could affect their employability, both in a positive or negative manner.

It is designed to teach methods on how to use social media to expand employment searching skills and to manage careers.

"It was designed to just open people's eyes to a little bit more about social media and introducing the concept of how you can use a social media profile to present yourself to employers," she said.

Ms Gordon said the workshop was a taster of the array of capabilities of using these new networks.

She said people were unaware recruiters were checking networks such as Linkedin and Facebook and job-seekers should be aware of these channels.

"It was really to make sure they are aware employers can access them, emphasising that it's not just who you know and what you know, but also how you are known and who knows you. And the importance of having your settings set correctly," she said.


Waikato Times