Bail breacher misses funeral

03:39, Oct 30 2012

A Hamilton man regarded by a community magistrate as having the "worst history" for breaching bail, was denied permission to attend his grandfather's tangi.  

Jermaine John William Walker, 28, who has 17 convictions for breaching court orders since 2001, was remanded in custody after being convicted of breaching his court release conditions.

Walker was back in Hamilton District Court after failing to report to probation since September.

Walker had been on conditions after serving a sentence for assaulting his partner and a police officer in 2010.

He attacked the pair after being released from custody on compassionate grounds after the death of his baby.

Today, Walker was applying for bail to attend his grandfather's tangi.

But that was opposed by probation for fear he will reoffend or go awol.

Given his poor history, Community Magistrate Ngaire Mascelle said she had no choice but to deny him the chance to attend the tangi.

Walker had also not addressed his alcohol and violence issues and had 14 convictions for assaulting his partner who he was still with.

''You have one of the worst histories of failing to appear ... I don't believe there are conditions that would take away the risks. I am sorry that having to attend your grandfather's tangi is of importance but you are the maker of your own (misfortune), given your history,'' Mrs Mascelle.