Nawton project lifts pace

Nawton could have a new $790,000 community centre a lot sooner than first thought with 40 per cent of the funds needed being raised in just six weeks.

Trust Waikato, the WEL Energy Trust and the Bryant Trust had already promised $340,000 towards the community centre, to be built on the corner of Breckons and Dominion roads, Hamilton.

This leaves the congregations of West Hamilton Anglican Parish and the Holy Trinity Anglican Church to raise the additional $450,000.

And it appears it's something people in the area really want, with $186,000 being raised in the last six weeks, campaign chairman Ken Monk told a group gathered at the launch of their campaign on Saturday.

The vicar of St Mark's, the Reverend Joel Rowse, has run a range of community programmes from the church for six years and wants better facilities to extend his and wife Susanne's work.

Nawton and Cranshaw have about 12,000 people, with 32 per cent under 15 and 43 per cent single-parent families.

When completed, the centre will be owned by a community trust and be available for local activities.

Hamilton Mayor Julie Hardaker attended the launch and said it was great to see a neighbourhood working together.

Special guest and parenting expert Ian Grant also congratulated those involved in the initiative. He said it was time to move away from the model of entertainment and self indulgence seen too often today, to one of family and community.

"I'm often referred to as a parenting expert," he said. "But really I'm just one beggar showing another beggar where the bread is and the more we can stand side by side with our fellow human beings and simply show each other where the bread is the more we will embrace those things that have made New Zealand such a great place."