Can Rena happen again?

Are we ready to handle another oil disaster like the Rena?

That is the topic of discussion at the University of Waikato this month.

Chair of Coastal Science Professor Chris Battershill will be holding a public lecture called The Rena, and Offshore Oil Exploration: Impacts and Preparedness. His lecture will explore the environmental impact of the Rena oil spill and how it may have influenced how New Zealand will respond to major pollution events in the future.

Professor Battershill has been closely monitoring the environmental recovery of the Bay of Plenty following the grounding.

He  will look at oil spill event preparedness in New Zealand and compare the Rena grounding to Australian responses to oil spills as a case study for how well prepared New Zealand is for another disaster.

The lecture takes place on  November 27 at the Gallagher Academy of Performing Arts, beginning at 1pm.

It is free and open to the public. It's being held as part of the Geosciences 2012 conference being hosted by the Department of Earth and Ocean Science at University of Waikato from 25 - 28 November.