Schools 'misusing boilers'

21:30, Nov 12 2012

Waikato schools' misuse of their boiler rooms could be endangering lives, a contractor says.

Advance Boiler Services director Kevin Malpas said despite an explosion which killed a caretaker and seriously injured a contractor at Orewa College three years ago, schools were still not doing enough to ensure their boilers were safe.

Mr Malpas started offering his boiler checking services to schools in the Waikato and Bay of Plenty at a discounted rate following that explosion to ensure it never happened again, but he says there's still much to be learnt.

He said most schools had no idea how unsafe boilers could be if they were misused or not maintained properly.

Orewa College was charged and ordered to pay $130,000 in reparation after failing to take all practicable steps to ensure the safety of their staff.

While the school said they'd maintained the boiler, their records were not up to scratch and they were found in breach of the Health and Safety Act.

Mr Malpas said he'd been to schools where boiler rooms were used to store art supplies and sports equipment.


Waikato Times