Stop getting tanked: Judge

A Hamilton man who drunkenly cut his former partner's hand has been told to quit the booze, after also clocking up nine drink drive convictions.

Andrew John Powell, 38, was yesterday sentenced on several charges including two of assault with a knife and intentional damage.

Powell was drinking at his partner's house with friends in October last year when he and his partner began arguing.

Powell stormed out of the room towards a bedroom and kicked and punched holes in the wall.

The group tried unsuccessfully to calm Powell down but he went to the kitchen and grabbed a knife and  threatened his partner with it. 

He put his hands on her shoulder and threw her to the ground. She reached up to grab the knife from him, when he pushed it downwards, causing a cut between her thumb and forefinger which required stitches.

Powell's counsel Mike Robb said his client had made significant changes in his life since the incident.

The pair had ended their relationship but remained in civil contact for the sake of their nine-year-old son, he had also gained a job and stopped drinking.

"He does believe that at the heart of his behaviour was the use of alcohol."

Powell had also repaired the damage to his former partner's home.

Judge Philip Connell said for a man with nine previous drink driving convictions nobody was going to convince him Powell didn't have a drinking problem.

"You’re 38 years old and it's time you woke up to yourself because you look at what nearly happened in this (incident). You were drunk, you were emotionally charged and it's from offending in that very situation that some of the domestic murders occur."

"This is entirely you, because you're the one pouring the stuff down your throat. You're expected to take a more mature approach ... and not get so tanked."

Powell was convicted and sentenced to five months' home detention, 150 hours' community work and ordered to undergo several treatments for alcohol, anger and drug abuse.