Log o' Wood comes home

The new look Ranfurly Shield.
The new look Ranfurly Shield.

As far as homecomings go, it does not get any sweeter than this.

Tomorrow the Waikato’s trophy cabinet will be opened and onto its groaning shelves the famous log o' wood will be returned to where it belongs, albeit with a bit of a makeover.

The Ranfurly Shield, considered the most prized trophy in New Zealand rugby, has been spending the past fortnight in our nation’s capital, undergoing a bit of a nip and tuck.

Its iconic silver plaques, each bearing the name of the holders of the shield, were removed and replaced with smaller ones.

The surgery was needed after Waikato won the shield earlier this year from Taranaki and there was no room on it for Waikato's name.

As this photo shows, there is now a row of empty plaques down the left side of the trophy, ready to - hopefully - be engraved with more records of  Waikato’s triumphs.

The Ranfurly Shield is expected to land in Hamilton tomorrow night. 

Waikato Times