Burglar sent to prison

A Hamilton man who helped in the burglary of $45,000 worth of product from Dick Smith Electronics has been jailed.

Mihaka Smith, 21, was this week sentenced on a multitude of charges, including the January burglary, in the Hamilton District Court. Smith and his co-offenders stole a Nissan Bluebird from a Hamilton property and used it in the early-morning burglary of the Te Awa store on January 13.

A short time later the group were spotted in a car by police and sped off. Smith fled on foot but was caught by a police dog.

A search of Smith's cellphone also implicated him in the theft of two other cars from the Nawton area, while a search of his home uncovered cannabis tinnies, cash and an air rifle.

Smith was convicted and sentenced to three years in prison.