Man attacks partner with anchor

02:26, Nov 16 2012

A Hamilton man subjected his partner to five years of violent abuse, including choking and hitting her with an anchor.

Michael Toihau Parnell was today sentenced on two representative charges of wounding with intent to injure between September 2006 and April 2011 and assaulting a female a year longer until April this year.

Parnell, 29, originally faced 26 serious charges, but pleaded guilty to the two representative charges on the second day of his trial in the Hamilton District Court.

The court heard Parnell punched and kicked his former partner when she was four months pregnant, and again when she was eight months pregnant.

On various occasions he tried to choke her with an electric cord and hit her with several objects including a metal bar and an anchor.

He was also dominating and controlling of her.


Crown prosecutor Mike Robb said the victim looked up to him for protection, and although she had provided an unsigned victim impact statement, she had given evidence at trial.

Parnell's counsel Wayne Dollimore said his client's relationship with the victim was murky, as they had seen each other on and off right up until the trial.

Parnell, who had  family support in court, had a job as a forestry worker  and was regarded as a good employee.

Judge Peter Spiller's issued a custodial sentence of 24 months, which qualified him for home detention but he didn't have any appropriate accommodation so was jailed.

He granted leave for Parnell to apply for home detention at a later date.

Waikato Times