Truck smashes into cows

19:00, Nov 18 2012

A logging truck driver smashed into a herd of stray cattle overnight before veering off the road and rolling onto a plowed paddock.

Taupo Fire Station officer Graeme Trainor said the middle aged driver was rattled, but fortunate not to sustain more serious injuries.

The incident happened about 2.45am on State Highway 5 between Taupo and Rotorua.

Mr Trainor said the driver had come around an easy bend before crashing through three young cows, which died at the scene. He then veered off the road, over a bank and flipped. 

The truck was not laden with logs at the time.

"The truck looked like it was write off,’’ he said.


"There was quite a bit of damage to the it. It took the front axle out and rolled over so he would have been pretty badly shaken around by it, but he was sitting up in the ambulance when we arrived.’’

The driver had some minor injuries and would probably ‘‘be feeling quite sore today’’.

"A cow on the road in the middle of the night’s not the best.’’

Mr Trainor didn’t know how the cattle came to be on the highway but understood they escaped from a nearby paddock.

An ambulance travelling between Rotorua and Taupo had alerted police to the cattle hazard moments before the accident and was on hand to provide first aid to the injured driver. 

Police rounded up the surviving cows and moved them off the highway.

Waikato Times