Shearer cans Hamilton visit

00:31, Nov 19 2012

Embattled Labour leader David Shearer has cancelled a planned visit to Hamilton and Huntly for tomorrow and will fly to Wellington instead.

Shearer has called an urgent caucus meeting for tomorrow afternoon.

He is expected to get 100 per cent backing from Labour MPs after rival David Cunliffe confirmed he would endorse Shearer for now after being outmanoeuvred over the weekend.

But Cunliffe is refusing rule out a leadership tilt in February. 

A spokesman for Shearer’s office said the leader was unable to make the trip to the Waikato because he had to head back to Wellington to ‘‘concentrate on current issues’’.


Labour MP Sue Moroney was to have joined her leader in the Waikato town, despite being widely thought of as a Cunliffe supporter.

A spokeswoman for Ms Moroney, Janine Jackson said:

‘‘Post-conference priorities for the week have changed and David Shearer’s schedule has been altered to reflect that.’’

Shearer had been scheduled to  visit NGOs and constituents in Huntly in the morning looking at housing issues.

In Hamilton he was supposed to meet with Poverty Waikato and others regarding housing issues in Hamilton and then head to Melville Intermediate to dine in a student café that is focussed on addressing feeding their fellow students.

Waikato Times