Man beaten for "touching"

02:59, Nov 20 2012

A Hamilton man who helped beat up a man after allegations he'd touched up a teenage girl has been jailed. 

Kairo Kokiri was drinking with friends at a party on September 9, last year.

An allegation then emerged that a 39-year-old man had ‘‘inappropriately touched’’ one of the 15-year-old girls at the party.

The man was asked to leave and he stood around at the end of the driveway.

Kokiri and his associates decided to go and confront him. Kokiri pushed the gate which hit the victim and made him fall. 

 He was also punched, before he ran away, but was chased by Kokiri and his friends.


A co-offender tackled the victim to the ground where he was kicked and punched and left in a semi-conscious state.

The 41-year-old victim suffered a serious knee injury and is struggling to run again.

Judge David Ruth said it was a shame he had to send Kokiri to prison at such a young age, although it wasn’t his first stint.

In sentencing Kokiri to 21 months’ prison, he hoped once he was released, he could sort out his alcohol issues and avoid court in the future.

Waikato Times