Kids have Green worries

16:00, Nov 23 2012

Waikato kids may be worried about creepy crawlies, they are still all about protecting the environment, a recent survey shows.

"Small Voices, Big Dreams", a youth survey carried out by ChildFund, asked 10-12 year olds around the world what change they wanted to see, what they were most afraid of, and what the biggest issues were in our world.

While nearly 40 per cent of Waikato children were afraid of animals - particularly spiders - the same amount stated pollution as their greatest concern, this includes everything from air pollution to littering.

One like-minded 12-year- old is David Kenara who said the thing he was most afraid of was global warming, and if he was Prime Minister, the one thing he would change would be to make a law against polluting or littering, and "have more effective ways of dealing with it so it's not all dirty all the time".

Likewise, Katrielle Mari Castro, also 12, said the biggest issue we face environmentally was global warming.

Other children responded with suggestions such as, "stop cutting down trees, because we need them to breathe", "stop using petrol and instead use waste" and surprisingly "dilute greenhouse gasses".


However, if Katrielle was Prime Minister, her first issue on the table would be bullying.

"I would try to stop it, and teach kids more about friendship and to be secure about themselves, not think bad things about themselves and just have a good time and have fun with school," she said.

As for the ten year plan, the majority of New Zealand kids said they wanted to be either professional athletes or entertainers, but the majority of Waikato children chose the same as the top answers of Africa, Asia and the Americas, who all chose healthcare professionals or educators. Although one simply wanted to be "a trillionaire that helps people" - Short and sweet.

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