Buildings found to be 'not earthquake-prone'

Four of eight Hamilton buildings similar to the CTV building which failed in the second Christchurch earthquake have been cleared by engineers.

Three buildings owned by Hamilton City Council which have 'non-ductile columns' have been assessed and found to be 'not earthquake-prone' when measured against Building Act standards which were updated in 2004.

Two of its buildings - Waikato Museum and the Seddon Park Grandstand - are below the strength commercial tenants are increasingly demanding.

The former Department of Housing, after finishing its investigation into the collapse of the CTV building in the February 2011 earthquake, ordered all buildings nationwide with non-ductile, or inflexible columns, be assessed.  

Eight buildings consented between 1982 and 1995, of three stories or more with non-ductile concrete gravity columns were identified in Hamilton. 

The Museum and Grandstand scored 40% of the building standard the Downtown Plaza carpark was assessed at 100 per cent of the code.Of the remaining buildings, another has been assessed as 'not earthquake prone' and one provided an engineering assessment that did not specifically measure the 'non-ductile' issue as requested and is being re-assessed. 

The other three have until the end of November to provide their reports.