Burglars target schools

22:24, Nov 29 2012

Police have warned Waikato schools to beef up their security after several break-ins across the region.

The warning comes as a man, 45, prepares to face the Hamilton District Court today on burglarly charges after he was arrested shortly before midnight Thursday when he was found in an administrative building of an East Hamilton school.

In recent weeks several schools, play centres and child care providers had been targeted by burglars Hamilton City Tactical Coordinator, Senior Sergeant Freda Grace, said.

‘‘An example of this was the burglary of a shed at a Hillcrest crèche last month where a variety of items were taken. 

‘‘Bizarrely, last Friday, the crèche was again broken into but this time the offenders returned some items stolen in the first burglary, perhaps their conscience had gotten to them?’’, she said. 

Principals and boards of trustees to take preventative steps to protect hard to replace valuables, she said. 

‘‘While sheds have been popular targets in the City classrooms continue to be attractive targets with a school at Tatuanui broken into early on Monday morning.

‘‘A large amount of hard to acquire and equally hard to replace items were taken and though each Waikato school has been equipped with synthetic DNA marking kits for their valuables, we would prefer to prevent burglaries like this happening in the first place.’’

Police have advised schools send electronic items home with staff during the long summer break to limit the chance of break-ins.


Waikato Times