Youth robber re-sentenced

00:44, Dec 11 2012

A 15-year-old who biked to a dairy and held up the owner at knifepoint has been re-sentenced in the Hamilton District Court today.

Pene Te Iwi Ormsby, now aged 17, was last year sentenced in the Hamilton Youth Court on a charge of aggravated robbery of the Maeroa Superette on July 17, last year.

Wearing a disguise, including dark sunglasses, a yellow scarf and a dark hooded jacket, with the hood up over his head, he approached the counter before pulling out the knife and threatening the store owner, and going around to the till and taking cash.

He took the cash and a small amount of tobacco then pushed past the owner as he fled on his bike.

Ormsby was re-sentenced in the district court today after failing to complete his youth court sentence.

He was also sentenced on two additional charges of shoplifting and unlawfully getting into a motor vehicle which were committed while Ormsby was on bail.


Ormsby stole a t-shirt from the Factory clothing store while he was waiting to attend a probation hearing on October 17.

Then on November 2, Ormsby's friends picked him up in a stolen vehicle which they later crashed.

Crown prosecutor Richard Annandale said Ormsby had shown no remorse over the aggravated robbery.

Mr Annandale asked for another sentence of supervision - which was the sentence Ormsby had earlier failed - but that was opposed by his counsel Mike McIvor.

Mr McIvor said it was unfair to set the teen up to fail as although he was good at completing punitive sentences, he couldn't grasp supervision.

Judge Denise Clark opted not to impose the supervision, rather handing down 40 hours' community work combined with five months' community detention.

The rehabilitative aspect of supervision would be adequately covered by community detention, she said, as well as his now more stable home environment.

A curfew of 7pm to 6am was imposed with the community detention sentence.