reader report

Romulans in the Tron

Check tyres, mirror, brakes; don helmet and hi-vis vest; switch on Romulan cloaking device and I'm ready - totally invisible and totally inaudible.

Out into the street and two youths glance behind as they step off the kerb.

I brake hard and swerve behind them. They shrug.

Approaching a side street on my left I see a car behind me, winking left. Will it wait? Of course not.

The driver cannot see me and sure enough I'm overtaken and the car cuts across my bow. I expected it and had slowed down. I'm used to that trick.

Traffic lights ahead, no cycle lane and a truck and trailer coming up behind.

Even if he could see me, there's not room in the lane for both of us. Perhaps he will stop behind me, probably not.

I go on to the footpath.

Thank goodness for my Defensive Driving course.

I've driven trucks, tractors, school buses, ambulances, cars, vans, a 650 cc BSA motor bike, a tandem, a nifty fifty but for real thrills to get the adrenalin flowing there's nothing like an invisible push-bike in the Tron.