Twins mark 12 years on 12/12/12

21:41, Dec 11 2012
Bryn and Owen Cullen
ALL THE 12S: The stars have aligned for Bryn and Owen Cullen’s 12th birthday on Wednesday.

Doomsayers would have us believe the world is ending, but more people are celebrating than despairing.

Today has been declared Anti-Doomsday Day, it has also become a popular date for Waikato weddings and right here in Hamilton, twin boys are turning 12.

While Bryn and Owen Cullen are chuffed the numbers are aligning for their birthday, the family go in for numerology about as much as they do for the supposed end of the world.

Still, mum Sharon Cullen said while the dates weren't planned and probably had little meaning, it was still an interesting focus as they celebrated.

Waikato couple Henry Reed and Marie van der Dolder had the same thought, booking their wedding especially to coincide with today's date.

They are getting married at Sarnia Park Boutique Lodge after Marie's mother suggested the date.


"We just thought, ‘well, that's not going to come around again,' so we went for it. It's a nice, memorable date, and it's pretty cool, plus everyone's telling me it will be easy to remember our anniversary," Mr Reed said.

And with the Mayan D-Day pencilled in for 21/12/12, international organisation the Astronomical Society of the Pacific has declared today, with its own triple set of numbers, Anti-Doomsday Day.

They said people were "misinterpreting Mayan predictions", and encouraged everyone to take a different stance "in celebration of rational thinking and reasoned discourse".

The number 12 is "most auspicious" they said, citing months in the year, zodiac signs, Greek mythology, days of Christmas, and even a dozen eggs as showing the number's import.

"More importantly, in astronomy Mars is 12 light minutes from the Sun, the average temperature of the Earth is 12 degrees Celsius, and Jupiter takes 12 years to orbit the Sun," they said.

David Owen, president of Hamilton's Astronomical Society, said the numbers game was just that - a bit of fun.

"I'm a bit ‘bah humbug' about the whole thing. You can make something out of anything if you want to. You can find any pattern or any significance in any number if you try. I think it's all just a bit of fun," he said.

Whether it is just that, or a real sign, a triple-set date like this will not happen again for a century.

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