Buyer rejects settlement offer from Apple

16:00, Dec 14 2012

A Waikato man who took technology giant Apple to court over a botched online order has rejected a settlement offer from the company.

Adam Crouchley, a marketing specialist, went head to head with the multinational corporation in the disputes tribunal in Te Awamutu on Thursday.

The conflict was over an online order of massively discounted products that Apple's online store, run out of Australia, refused to go through with in October. Mr Crouchley, who lives in Te Awamutu, paid $35 for about $1600 worth of gear.

But when Apple discovered there had been a pricing error, despite Mr Crouchley checking that the prices were correct, the store backed out on the order.

At the hearing an Apple representative, who took part via telephone, offered Mr Crouchley a settlement worth $360 - the retail cost of one of seven orders he made.

However, Mr Crouchley rejected the offer.


"I said that I wanted more. I said that I thought that all orders should be filled or they should give me credit to the value of [$1600]."

The settlement will likely be paid in the form of an Apple online store credit, but he said he would prefer to receive the items he ordered.

The tribunal will now decide on a suitable settlement and Mr Crouchley expected to receive a letter outlining the offer by the end of next week.