Fight to keep staff - doctor

18:31, Dec 14 2012

Waikato might be working hard to recruit medical workers, but more needs to be done to try to keep them, says a Waikato Hospital doctor.

His comments come as it was this week revealed that around 61 per cent of Kiwis plan to leave their job next year - up from 33 per cent in 2012.

The survey of 1620, conducted by human resources company Randstad, showed that 40 per cent of planning to leave wanted to do so because they felt they couldn't grow professionally in their present positions.

A further 16 per cent pointed to an uncompetitive salary, eight per cent weren't well matched to their job and a further eight per cent had a poor working relationship with their direct manager.

Dr Clyde Wade, a cardiologist, raised his concerns about Waikato District Health Board's ability to retain staff during a health advisory committee meeting which explored workforce issues facing the Waikato health sector. He said the DHB had done a lot of work on recruiting staff, but needed to also set up a strategic plan to keep them.

"We know that when the economy takes off there's going to be a lot of competition for nurses in particular because they are well-educated, mobile members of our community.

"But it's also health care workers in general. We need, while we're in a period where we don't have trouble recruiting people, to start looking at . . . how we retain people, other than salaries, because we're never going to beat Australia on salaries."

He said the DHB had to look at its workforce's professional and lifestyle needs to make sure they were catered for.

"Once you start losing people it's very hard to play catch up again."


Waikato Times