Move over Psy

Move over Psy - it's ED Style at Waikato Hospital.

Internet hit video Gangnam Style by south Korean rapper Psy has spawned a thousand parodies on the internet and a new one was born on Wednesday when Waikato Hospital uploaded "ED Style" on Youtube.

The video features Emergency Department doctors, nurses and support staff doing their best Psy impersonations around their workplace.

Hospital assistant group manager Kevin Harris is the brains behind the idea and he adapted the lyrics from the popular ''Eton Style'' parody.

As you'd expect, the messages are about how to improve the flow of patients through the department.

"Putting it on YouTube was the only way we could let all our staff access it easily, but it is so good we are happy to go public with it," Mr Harris said.

"To reach busy staff, sometimes you need to think outside the square. It's a light hearted video but the serious message is that we need close cooperation between Emergency Department, specialty doctors, wards and support areas to reach the Ministry of Health six hour target for Emergency Department waiting times."

The video was mainly filmed in the staff members' own time and by DHB staff.