'Hot days, warm nights' on the way

00:27, Jan 25 2013
Hamilton Metservice forecast
MetService's 10 day forecast for Hamilton.

Waikato, prepare to be roasted.

There is 10 days of bright sunshine and hot temperatures on the way with not a storm cloud in sight.

''It's definitely ice creams at the ready,'' says MetService meteorologist Daniel Corbett.

''In fact Hamilton has so much sunshine on the way we've almost run out of sunshine to put on our online weather graphs.''

The Anniversary Day long weekend will be a hot one, with the MetService forecast for Saturday a  rousing 26 degrees Celsius, with the mercury climbing to 27C on Sunday and 28C on Monday.

''So it's a lovely forecast for the Anniversary weekend but it's not looking good for anyone wanting a bit of rain for the gardens and farms,'' Mr Corbett says.


Come Tuesday it will even hotter with an expected high of 29C, which will stretch over to Wednesday.

''Hot days and warm nights I am afraid,'' Mr Corbett says.

''But at least the kids will have a nice last few days of summer weather before going back to school.''

The weather's golden run was thanks to a "big, fat area of high pressure" building over New Zealand, he said.

''And those highs are like stubborn oxes, they can take some time to move away.''