Parachute bassist injured

20:54, Jan 26 2013

A musician suffered head injuries at the Parachute Christian music festival when a chandelier made from glass bottles came crashing out of a tree.

Great North bassist Rachel Donnell received cuts to her head when the chandelier fell in the Parachute Village where food and goods are sold at the Mystery Creek festival, an eyewitness told the Waikato Times.

"She was picking bits of glass out of her hair, and there was quite a bit of blood," she said.

St John Ambulance was quickly on the scene following the accident on Saturday afternoon, and the alternative folk bassist from Auckland received stitches.

"She came back and played her set," said Parachute spokesman Luke Oram. "What a trooper."

She later  appeared on stage, none the worse for the experience.

Tickets for the festival, which was capped at 17,500 this year to cut costs, sold out abut 1pm Saturday.

The film Blue Like Jazz had its New Zealand premiere at The Palladium on Saturday night, where earlier legendary Kiwi rockers The Lads performed their hit My Best Friend's The Creator of the Universe.

The festival continues Sunday.


Waikato Times