Falling 'chandelier' hurts band member

16:00, Jan 31 2013

A musician who needed six stitches after a chandelier made from wine bottles crashed down on her head at the Parachute Christian music festival, would like an investigation into the incident.

Rachel Donnell, of Auckland band Great North, was having lunch in the Parachute village at the Mystery Creek Event Centre on Saturday when the decoration fell from a tree.

"I'm not sure what's happening with investigations but hoping someone does look into what happened to make sure it doesn't happen again," she said.

"It hit my head and resulted in me being taken to the medic tent and getting six stitches in my head," she said.

"An ambulance was called but wasn't needed."

A witness told the Waikato Time: "She was picking bits of glass out of her hair and there was quite a bit of blood."


Ms Donnell said both medical staff who worked at the festival over the weekend and Parachute staff were extremely supportive of her and she was well enough to perform her set eight hours later.

"There was an emergency department nurse also in the village who was able to come to my aid as soon as the accident happened and I really appreciated her taking charge until the medics arrived.

"Wish I'd had the opportunity to thank her.

"We just took it easy for the rest of the afternoon and were able to perform that evening, although I did sit down, and the show went really well. Fans were receptive and we've had lots of people leaving lovely messages wishing me well."

The next day Ms Donnell and her bandmate husband, Hayden, won the Tui for best folk album at the Auckland Folk Festival.

Parachute raised $26,000 for medical equipment in the festival's adopted village in Rwanda.


Waikato Times