Thieves break into St Vincent de Paul's

23:32, Feb 04 2013
St Vincent de Paul manager Chris Rolton says food to feed Hamilton's homeless and hungry for four months has been stolen.

Thieves have stolen more than $1000 worth of food from St Vincent de Paul that was destined to feed Hamilton's homeless and hungry.

St Vincent de Paul manager Mike Rolton contacted the Times yesterday after he discovered petrol had been stolen from the society's van - but upon closer inspection last night he found that fuel of another kind had been swiped from two large chest freezers.

''There was enough food in those freezers to feed 70 people once a week for four months,'' he said.

With the weekly meals for 2013 starting again this Friday, Mr Rolton is now wondering what he and his team will be able to plate up.

''It really makes you wonder,'' he said. ''How could people do this?''

He believed the food was probably taken from the freezers at the same time that the society's van was siphoned of fuel at their Frankton site at the weekend.

"It's very disappointing," Mr Rolton said. "I've been thinking to myself - why are we bothering doing this?"

The theft meant the society could not deliver meals this week, he said.

Last night's run was cancelled and Mr Rolton said it was more than likely the whole week would be wiped.

The van, which relies on volunteers to run it, is fitted out with an awning and sometimes feeds up to 100 people a night.

"All our volunteers give up their time to come at night and do this, but I've just had to inform them all about what has happened."

Mr Rolton said police were investigating the theft.


Waikato Times