P dealer remorse hard to swallow

19:46, Feb 05 2013

A Hamilton man who continued to try to deal methamphetamine during his own drugs trial has been jailed for nearly six years.

Brendon Murray Carlisle, 31, was one of six men convicted of a variety of drugs charges after a nine-week trial in the High Court in Hamilton in December.

The ringleader of what police dubbed Operation Cape was former Hamilton car dealer Stephen John Gray, 56.

Police found 183 grams of methamphetamine (P), along with $154,500 in cash, at Gray's Exelby Rd property, as well as about 130.2g of cannabis and two tabs of LSD.

At Gray's other property on State Highway 23 - at which Simon Lindsay Kayrouz was living - police found $3650 in cash in Kayrouz's trouser pocket, along with another $200 cash, bags of cannabis stalk and leaf, and small pre-packaged bags of cannabis.

Chemicals associated with the manufacture of P were also found and Kayrouz was described as "the cook". Kayrouz still denies manufacturing and supplying methamphetamine, unlawful possession of pistols and possession of precursor substances and equipment or material , despite being found guilty by the jury at trial.


He will be sentenced after a disputed facts hearing is held in either April or May. Justice John Priestley said it will have to take place after Stephen Gray is sentenced in the High Court in Auckland next month.

Carlisle's offending was uncovered by police who had tapped his phones.

After being arrested, he not only admitted two fresh charges of supplying methamphetamine and offering to supply methamphetamine, but also the charge of supplying methamphetamine he was on trial for.

Carlisle offered Justice Priestley a letter of remorse just prior to sentencing through his counsel, Roger Laybourn.

Justice Priestley said he found that letter and its contents hard to swallow, saying Carlisle displayed unspeakable "arrogance" by continuing to offer and sell methamphetamine while awaiting trial and again during the trial.

Carlisle was sentenced to five years and 10 months in prison.

Other sentences included:

Kyle Lane Murphy, 30, found guilty of offering to supply 42 to 48 grams of methamphetamine and supplying cannabis. Sentenced to five years' prison.

Kenton Ian Haine, 30, found guilty of supplying 60 to 80 grams of methamphetamine, possessing LSD for supply and conspiracy to cultivave cannabis. Sentenced to four years and nine months' prison.

Michael Gray, 28, pleaded guilty to supplying 66 ounces of cannabis. Sentenced to two years and two months' prison.

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