Councillors back budget cuts

City councillors are staying staunch on $860,000 of budget cuts despite some public grumbles.

Cricketers struggling with long outfields on Hamilton's sports grounds are among complaints fielded by council since the cuts, but overall they say there has been a muted public response.

Since July 2012 reduced roadside mowing frequencies and using herbicides rather than manual weed control has saved $145,000 per year, cuts to sports park mowing $210,000, less frequent parks and reserves mowing $238,500, bed planting cuts $31,500, less litter collection and footpath cleaning $197,300, and less frequent toilet cleaning saved council $40,000 per year.

A briefing today updated council on complaints received since the cuts were made - and although Mayor Julie Hardaker was keen to describe those as "not complaints, it's more like neighbourhood watch", councillors showed no appetite for reversing any of the budget cuts.

Presenting the update, council staff said that overall complaints were similar to previous years.