Yellow answers public's call

00:19, Feb 08 2013
Phone book
FINE PRINT: Beryl Blewett said the new look phone book fails to cater to the older population.

New Zealand regional phone books will be reinstated to their former typesize, thanks to a little persuasion by Waikato residents.

The 2013 Waikato directory was rolled out late last year - 10 per cent smaller in height and width, with the size of the text reduced by half a point.

That angered Hamilton's senior citizens, who called the move ''absolutely dreadful''.

At the time Beryl Blewett, 77, said was complaining about it.

''They haven't considered that they've got an older population they've got to think about," she said.

Now, Yellow Pages Group, which produces the books, has announced it will use the same concept for all of the country's regional directories, returning them to their former font size.


Yellow chief executive Chris Armistead said the change was in response to feedback from members of the community who preferred the old font.

"When I became chief executive in August, it has been one of my priorities to look for ways that we can improve our print directories and our digital offering. The font and paper quality are two improvements I'm pleased to announce."

Mr Armistead said Yellow's job was to help Kiwis find the information they want, wherever, whenever and however they're searching, be that online, mobile or via a book.

"Some people don't have internet access or a computer, or they simply prefer the printed book. It's about getting the balance right, in this case for people who rely on our books."

Last year, Yellow argued that the smaller format was "more user-friendly", the smaller size easier to use, handle and store.

The company offered to send magnifying glasses to anyone having difficulty reading the phone books.

The Waikato directories will be delivered in September 2013.