Pupils big achievers in exams

They're a modest pair, but two Hamilton Boys' High School pupils are on top of the country - and the world.

Adam Cameron has placed first in the country for the Cambridge Exams in co-ordinated science, with a 95 per cent mark, and in geography with 96 per cent.

The honour came as a shock to the 16-year-old, particularly as his brother - who sat the exam a few years ago - did not rank as highly thanks to a different marking system.

"He scored higher than me but didn't place . . . but it was all scored differently back then.

"So it wasn't expected at all, but I'm pretty stoked," he said.

In the year above him, schoolmate Christopher Jury has had his head down all year studying for the AS Level History exam - and it has paid off.

The 17-year-old scored top in the world in his subject, European history between 1789 and 1939, with 98 per cent.

He said he preferred more specific questioning, and this time period was one he was personally interested in, covering everything from World War I, Napolean, the French and Russian revolutions, and the dictatorships of Stalin and Hitler.

It's a huge achievement, but he remains humble, acknowledging little more than, "I guess it was pretty good."

Pretty good, indeed - the Cambridge Exams were taken by more than 1 million students from 9000 schools in 160 countries, including 60 New Zealand schools.

The boys are still unsure what their future holds, though they will both be sticking with their subjects, and Christopher is off to Auckland University, where he will take at least one history paper.

Another big achiever from Hamilton Boys' High was their dux Thomas Simpson, who scored first in New Zealand in A Level Economics, with 95 per cent, and is off to study law at Auckland University this year, after also winning last year a Russell McVeagh School Leavers Scholarship and a University of Auckland Scholarship.

Waikato Times