Florists buzzing as day nears

Valentines Day: Amy Henwood from Amy’s Flowers filling Valentines Day orders for absent-minded blokes.
Valentines Day: Amy Henwood from Amy’s Flowers filling Valentines Day orders for absent-minded blokes.

With Valentines Day approaching, Hamilton florists are being run off their feet as husbands, partners and boyfriends scramble for a chance to make up for previous indiscretions.

Stung with the shame of neglecting their spouses in previous years, men are rushing to make amends and Ryan Henwood, owner of Amy's Florist, said the anxiety was plain to see.

"Every bloke that has orders from us, I can tell, has had an experience where they have forgotten and they are just trying to make that go away and not happen again this year."

Mr Henwood said orders were pouring in "as fast as we can process them" from panic-stricken customers looking for a painless solution to their problems.

"Most men just want us to make it easy for them," Mr Henwood said.

"They know that they have got to send something on Valentines Day so they don't get in trouble and one quick phone call to me and their trouble is turned into positive energy."

Pink roses, at $60 for a half dozen, are proving popular with the punters and Mr Henwood said he might soon run out but the perennial favourites, red roses, are in bountiful supply.

"We have got over 2000 roses in the box at the moment. That's just the reds."

He is bringing in 10 extra staff to cope with the added workload, to ensure all of their deliveries are made in the rush.

"We are constantly feeding the florist to make sure that they have got the flowers when they need them so they are as productive as possible."

Bookings at the Smith and MacKenzie chophouse are better than this time last year and manager Nic Elliottyson is expecting a lot of men to call with late reservations.

"There is a sigh of relief when we say 'would you like to add on a single-stemmed rose with two glasses of bubbly?' "

She said men were "so last minute" and wanted an experience with minimal input with maximum return.

"With it being a steakhouse, I guess they are thinking about themselves a little bit as well because they can come out and have a really good steak and they are also doing a good thing for their partner."