Prayer for injured girls

19:14, Feb 17 2013

Horsham Downs Community Church has named two of the teenage girls injured in a head-on collision at Whatawhata on Valentines Day and held a prayer vigil for them over the weekend.

They are Abby Benge, who was travelling with another girl called Shayna, according to the church's website.

Miss Benge, the church said on its Facebook page yesterday, was in a coma with medical staff monitoring pressure on her brain.

"The doctors have been gradually reducing the sedatives and there have been some signs of response, they just have to manage that process very carefully with the sedatives to ensure she does not get distressed."

Shayna, the post said, was airlifted to Auckland Hospital yesterday afternoon for specialised liver and kidney treatment. "She has steadily deteriorated since Friday and her condition is extremely critical."

A 41-year-old woman and a 22-year-old man, both of Hamilton, are in a serious but stable condition.