Temperatures to push 30C

Waikato, prepare for another roasting.

A bully of a high pressure system with a girth ranging from the west Tasman Sea to beyond the Chatham Islands is set to deliver another patch of hot weather to the region.

Temperatures are expected to push 30 degrees Celsius on some days.

And when the sun goes down do not worry about reaching for the duvet with mild nights forecast.

It's great conditions to crack a beer during backyard cricket but not so good for pasture growth, says MetService forecaster John Law.

The bubble of settled weather comes as farmers continue to deal with the driest summer in five years.

''The only thing I can see is perhaps the odd shower springing up this afternoon around he Kaimai Ranges and the northern area of your patch,'' Mr Law said.

''But really the large area of high pressure building across from the Tasman Sea spreads right across New Zealand this week so back into that situation of a blocking high pressure.''

That blocking high pressure is signified in the MetService forecast 10-day forecast by a string of suns stretching through until at least next Wednesday.

It will also be dry with little wind for the most part.

Mr Law said areas of active low pressure are much smaller than the blocking high and don't have the muscle to move the system away.

''It just sits there and blocks - all the areas of low pressure that bring the rainfall tend to move around the high rather than pushing it out of the way.''

''It doesn't look like there will be any moisture this week.''