The jury is in and the V8s scuplture is out

23:46, Feb 17 2013
Passing Red
IN HAPPIER TIMES: Passing Red in 2009, complete with ''eco planters'.

Public opinion on what should happen to the much-maligned V8s sculpture opposite Waikato Stadium appears to be unanimous: get rid of it once and for all.

The $150,000 sculpture, commissioned to mark the Hamilton 400 event in 2008, was destroyed at the weekend when a car crashed into it.

The 200-metre long sculpture now lies a mangled mess of steel and attention now turns to what should happen to it, and the Mill Street site where it once rested.

If comments posted to the Waikato Times Facebook Page are anything to go by, there is no love lost for the artwork.

Neesha Ohlon said: "Get rid of it of course".

One-time Hamilton resident Marie Hicks said it it was "ugly". "Sorry to the lady you made it, but my girls always ask what is it and until the paper today we finally clicked. Can't believe the council spent $150,000 on it when they gave the V8's away.

"That money is much needed elsewhere. I don't live in Hamilton anymore but every time I am there I am disappointed in how the city is going backwards."

And new Hamiltonian Katelyn Park is just confused about what it was. "I'm a newbee to Hamilton and I thought it was a skate park thing how they slide along the poles if you know what I mean?,'' she said.

Others like Rebecca Jones wanted the site returned to its former, green state.

"Seeing as we now suffer a concrete jungle there instead of lovely old trees and we don't even have the V8s to enjoy any more, just plant some more trees - an infinitely better investment for future generations than concrete. Surely?.''

What do you think should happen to the sculpture? Leave a comment below.