Catcher on a high

20:42, Feb 18 2013
Reuben Andrews
‘‘I just had a go’’: Reuben Andrews, 14, is given a hero’s welcome by classmates for ‘‘that catch’’ on the boundary during the Black Caps v England ODI at Seddon Park.

Reuben Andrews, 14, was back at school yesterday after making headlines for serving up a cricket lesson any international coach would be proud of.

The Year 10 St Paul's Collegiate student returned to class to the buzz of friends and staff after taking a brilliant catch beyond the boundary rope during the first Black Caps v England ODI at Seddon Park.

"We watched it at morning tea on YouTube," Reuben said. "There were 4000 views this morning."

With all of his friends at the game there was no way of keeping the catch secret and school staff are expecting to play the footage at assembly this morning.

Reuben was at the game to attend the boundary ropes and was sitting in front of the hoardings when he took a blinder of a catch off England's Ian Bell.

As the ball sailed through the air, it eluded the outstretched fingers of Black Cap Mitchell McClenaghan but Reuben took it cleanly with two hands.


"I was watching but lost it after Mitchell McClenaghan jumped so I just went for it and kind of saw it and it just went into my hands," he said. "I was just going to go for it. I just had a go."

After taking what could be the catch of the season, Reuben casually tossed the ball to McClenaghan and shuffled back to position but was beaming inside.

"I was right in front of the stands so everyone was just, like, clapping. It was pretty cool."

The middle-order left-handed batsman is trying out as a keeper this year and St Paul's technical coach Hugh Barton said he has got a future in the position.

"He has got a bit to go yet but he hits the ball very hard, he has got a really good eye and he can smack it as well as anybody."