Has the cocked crowed for good in city?

05:36, Feb 19 2013
OUTLAW: This rooster could be run out of town if it sets claws within Hamilton city limits.

Has the cock crowed one too many times?

A council meeting in Hamilton today has backed clipping the wings of rooster owners by banning the male birds from the city altogether.

The measure stems from council staff, who complained that too much time and too many resources were taken up responding to public complaints.

A review of the city's animal nuisance bylaw - which excludes dogs - saw them suggest making keeping roosters illegal without council approval.

But councillors today went further, endorsing a citywide ban which if signed off by the full council will then go out for public consultation.

Staff said roosters were the biggest source of complaints and a drain on resources.

They added they had been hamstrung by owners refusing to accept their rooster's crowing was a nuisance.

The council also had no facilities to house roosters if they were seized, and even if it did, the council would have to keep the rooster for six months before it could do anything else.

In the last three calendar years the council received 153 complaints about poultry, 84 about roosters with just over half of those specifically about noisy roosters - about once a month.