Injured tourist rescued from Mt Tongariro

20:18, Feb 24 2013

An injured tourist was airlifted from Mt Tongariro in tricky wind conditions yesterday as a ''continuous flow'' of walkers took on the famous alpine crossing.

The 60-year-old Englishman was descending from the summit with his wife when he slipped on loose rocks and snapped his leg below the knee.

Greenlea Rescue Helicopter responded to the emergency call at 11am. Pilot Todd Dunham said the conditions were tricky with strong wind gusts at the high altitude.

He landed the chopper on a ridge near the south crater and had to make two trips because the weight of the crewman, paramedic and the couple was too heavy for the conditions.

''It's quite a common injury in that environment up there due to people slipping on the stones,'' Mr Dunham said. ''It's like walking on marbles.''

Mr Dunham said they've made numerous trips to the Tongariro Crossing as its popularity has increased.

There was a constant flow of people walking the track in the fine weather yesterday, he said.