One-legged man 'bemused' at charges

00:54, Feb 25 2013
Jack Maikuku
CHARGES DROPPED: Jack Maikuku's court appearance this morning was brief as charges against him were dropped.

A one-legged Kawhia man charged in relation to an attack on the town's policeman says he is 'bemused' he was ever charged after  charges against him were today withdrawn.

Jack Maikuku, 49, was charged with aggravated assault and assault with intent to injure over the alleged attack on Constable Perry Griffin last month.

A second man also faces charges in relation to the attack.

He also appeared with in the Te Awamutu District Court this morning when Mr Maikuku's charges were withdrawn.

The second accused, who has been in custody since the alleged incident and has name suppression, was further remanded To reappear on March 18.

Police at the time labelled the alleged attack as "vicious and cowardly" and ''that such was the ferocity of the attack that at one stage the officer's taser was taken and thrown into the water while his sidearm was dislodged and his radio taken''.

But outside court this morning, Mr Maikuku said he couldn't believe that he was charged in the first place. He was now "relieved" the incident was over for him.

"Just relief really, (I was) just a bit anxious about what was going to happen but (I'm) now very relieved."

When questioned on his thoughts about the whole incident, he said it was "very curious, I suppose".
He felt sorry for his family who had been the subject of "pretty harsh criticism".

"And it was unfounded and was totally untrue."

Mr Maikuku said he had never been in trouble with the law before, making the whole process even more "bewildering".

Maikuku's lawyer, Roger Laybourn, said the case against his client ''sounded odd" in the first place as he had only had one leg and was accused of assaulting a policeman.


Jack Maikuku
CHARGES DROPPED: Jack Maikuku and his lawyer Roger Laybourne at Te Awamutu District Court today, where charges against Maikuku were dropped.
Jack Maikuku
AFTERWARDS: Jack Maikuku outside Te Awamutu District Court after charges against him were dropped.