Domestic dispute prompts armed callout

Armed police are responding to an incident in Glenview.
Armed police are responding to an incident in Glenview.

A forensic examination of a south Hamilton home is underway following a domestic incident this morning that saw armed police cordon off several streets after reports a shot had been fired.

Shift manager, acting senior sergeant Andy BuBear, said the incident began shortly after 9am when domestic dispute between a man and a woman was reported at a Tomin Rd address in Glenview.

A man at the scene cordon this morning, who didn't want to be named, said his sister lived opposite the property and was leaving to Te Wananga O Aotearoa.

"She left her house to walk to her course and heard some shots go off," the man said. She immediately headed to her brother's house around the corner on Glenview Tce.

"She was shocked. Her heart was pumping when she came here." 

The man said a police witness had told him a woman was in the house when the man smashed up doors and windows.

Mr BuBear later confirmed three people were present in the two storey house at the time including a 10-year-old child who managed to leave the house before police arrived.

"When officers arrived outside the address they became concerned about shouting inside the house and forced entry into the home,'' Mr BuBear said.

''Once inside they were confronted by a male who threatened to shoot both them and the woman so they retreated to await the arrival of reinforcements."

Because of the gun threat responding units included armed staff and these officers established an initial cordon around the house and surrounding streets.

Mr BuBear said there were also unconfirmed reports of a shot being fired. As such members of the Waikato Armed Offenders Squad were called in to assist. 

Prior to their arrival the woman made her way out of the house and the offender gave himself up following voice appeals by AOS officers.

"He was arrested without incident about 10.15am and all three people from the house are being interviewed by Police. Partner agencies are currently providing victim support and other assistance as required."

As part of the Police's response several streets were cordoned off to vehicle traffic while residents were asked to remain inside their homes. The Glenview Primary School on Bruce Ave was asked to clear its sports field to allow an Auckland based Police helicopter to land if required. 

Mr BuBear said to date, no firearm had been located at the address and reports of a shot being fired may have been from a window being smashed. Police are keeping an open mind on what happened until a search of the home and interviews of those involved were completed.

"Situations such as today's obviously require significant Police response to ensure the safety of all parties concerned and often it is necessary to restrict people's movement by way of establishing cordons.

"Police balance the risks to the public against the impact on day to day activities when considering such cordons and we would like to thank local residents for their patience and support during the management of today's incident."