SOS to save Whanga's world-famous wave

03:13, Feb 27 2013
Whangamata Bar
BAR MAN: Surfer and campaigner Paul Shanks has launched a petition to install what he believes is accurate monitoring of the Whangamata Bar surf break (background).

A group of surfers claim the Waikato Regional Council and The Whangamata Marina Society have failed to adequately assess the impact of dredging on the world-famous surf break, Whangamata Bar.

They have launched an online petition to implement a ''scientific'' monitoring regime.

So far 33 people have signed the document and the goal is to collect 1000 names.

The Whangamata Bar Association, led by long-time campaigner Paul Shanks, say there's a correlation between the deterioration of the Bar's waves and the periodic dredging of the access channel associated with the opening of the marina in 2009.

Marina management disagree, saying their activities have no effect on wave quality.

However the Save Our Wave petition is calling on the WRC and the WMS to fund the installation of a camera system that can model breaking waves 3-dimensionally on the Bar, as well as the ongoing monthly cost of correlating data captured by the camera with dredging events.

They also want to make the findings public to establish ''conclusively'' what the impact of dredging on the Bar is.

Visit and search Whangamata to see the petition.