Firefighters rescue puppy stuck in wheel

19:12, Feb 26 2013
Chas Farrant
TYRED PUP: Firefighter Chas Farrant reunites Luana Kingi Potangaroa with her family’s puppy, which got its head stuck in a wheel yesterday morning, below.

Curiosity may be killing proverbial cats left, right and centre, but its latest victim could have been a little black puppy, had the Fire Service not come to the rescue.

The inquisitive 7-week-old pup almost fell victim to a stationary wheel yesterday when it got its head stuck through it.

The puppy's owner, Siconda Kingi Potangaroa, said she was inside and heard the rottweiler-mastiff-cross puppy squealing, then she stepped outside to see the cute little chap in a spot of bother.

"At first I cracked up laughing because I thought it was quite funny and cute, but then when I realised that we couldn't get it out; that's when I started panicking and feeling sorry for it," she said.

After attempts at greasing the pup up to pull it out failed, owners called in the big guns.

Senior firefighter Mike Lee of Hamilton said their Blue Watch division was called to the rescue about 9.45am yesterday.


"The 7-week-old puppy had managed to get itself stuck inside a car tyre and we had to cut the rim to get it out."

Mr Lee was unsure exactly how a puppy came to be stuck inside a tyre, but figured he was "curious enough to poke his head in and then realised he couldn't get out again".

Mr Lee said fire officers had to use a handheld electric saw to cut through the tyre rim. As the saw heated the metal, other officers sprayed a hose on the pup to cool it down. When the puppy emerged, excitement filled the air.

"The puppy wasn't all that excited," Mr Lee said.

"It was a bit stunned I think, but the family were definitely happy to see their little puppy out.

"The boys were pretty pleased to get the puppy out as well.

"These jobs are always feel-good ones."

Mrs Kingi Potangaroa said the Fire Brigade had done an "excellent job".

"They were awesome," she said.

As for hero status, the humble Mr Lee laughed it off.

"It's all just part of the job," he said.

The previously unnamed puppy has been named "Rim" after its ordeal.

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