New way to report crime in Waikato

01:17, Feb 27 2013

A new crime reporting line rolled out by police in the Waikato yesterday is hoped to expediate the process for the public.

The new Crime Reporting Line (CRL) came into action in the district yesterday, after successfully rolling out in Eastern, Canterbury, Auckland, Counties Manukau and the Bay of Plenty policing districts.

District case manager, Senior Sergeant Tim Anderson, said emergency, 111, calls will be treated as normal but non-urgent crime calls will be put through to a CRL call taker in Auckland.

"Once the complaint has been recorded the electronic case is reviewed by the File (Complaint) Management Centre in Hamilton where an assessment is made as to whether there are further avenues of inquiry or the case is closed."

Mr Anderson said the 24/7 CRL service is not new technology, it has been well tested and streamlined in trials in a number of other police districts including Eastern, Canterbury, Auckland, Counties Manukau and the Bay of Plenty before this current national roll-out.

"A number of benefits from CRL have been identified already. On average the processing time of a complaint has been reduced to 12 minutes from receipt of call to an electronic case being created.

"In addition, the creation of a case automatically generates a complaint acknowledgement form (required by insurance companies) and this form and crime prevention advice is emailed or posted out to the victim. This alleviates the need for victims to queue up at Police stations while freeing up our staff to spend more time being visible out on the streets."

Mr Anderson said the innovations don't stop with CRL with the Prime Minister announcing the launch of the police's mobility programme earlier last week.

"All these enhancements are about enabling officers to do what they joined Police for in the first place, going out and helping people by either catching offenders or preventing crime from happening. 

"The introduction of smart phones and iPads to the Waikato as part of the mobilisation project begins in the next few months. This follows the centralisation of file management, district intelligence and work force management to ensure the right people (our staff) are in the right place at the right time to prevent crime."

Mr Anderson said with the implementation of CRL adding to benefits identified from the centralisation projects, the Waikato is well placed to reduce the number of victims while enhancing service to our community.