Monckton tilting at windmills

Last updated 18:59 08/04/2013
Christopher Monckton
Chris Hillock/Fairfax NZ

NO WINDMILLS: Controversial climate change sceptic Christopher Monckton plans to wind up his role of climate change speaker.

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Controversial British climate-change sceptic Christopher Monckton, 3rd Viscount Monckton of Brenchley, is in Hamilton as part of a New Zealand speaking tour.

The tour is hosted by the New Zealand Climate Realists Network and on Monday Monckton spoke at two events.

His first engagement was breakfast with members of the Waikato Chamber of Commerce, where he told the small audience that windmills were a ''fashion statement''.

''Windmills are a fashion statement .. I would not spend a single red cent for wind farms or solar panels,'' he said.

''The truth is out, the science is done ... the game is up, the scare is over. ''

Monckton said did not claim to be a climatologist or an economist and hedged his arguments with a few choice words.

''I do not say that I am certain, I say I think it most unlikely.

''I start from the assumption that except where absolute mathematical proof is available, which it very seldom is in the physical sciences and even less in the slippery subject such as climatology, minds must  remain open - including mine.''

Monckton later spoke to students at Waikato University and while there were a handful of protestors to denounce him, the address largely passed without incident.

Monckton is on the record as saying that human-emitted carbon emissions were not warming the planet and that increased sun activity accounted for recent higher temperatures. 

His beliefs are at odds with the majority of climate change scientists, but have attracted attention wherever he goes.

However, Monckton is planning to wind up his role of climate change speaker shortly.  

The Network has dubbed Monckton's tour the 'Climate of Freedom' tour and said it addresses the underlying ideological framework of global warming, the United Nations position on global warming and ''the threat this is to freedom".

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