Hamilton burglar finds body in house

04:17, Jun 20 2013

A senior Hamilton Police officer says it is unlikely charges will be laid against a burglar who broke into a Fairfield house only to find a dead body inside.

Hamilton City tactical coordinator Senior Sergeant Freda Grace said given the intense situation the 21-year-old found himself in, he would be let off with a stern warning.

''Given the circumstances it is unlikely charges would be laid but he will definitely be warned,'' she said.

The burglar came across the man's body after breaking into the house shortly after midnight Tuesday.

''He got a heck of fright, that's for sure - it would have been terrible for anyone.''

It is understood the burglar was so terrified of the grisly find that he screamed, alerting neighbours.

Ms Grace said he then ran home where he contacted Police and told them what had happened.

Police are yet to locate the dead man's relatives.

His death was not considered suspiscious and has been handed over to the Coroner.