Waikato's supermoon rising

22:12, Jun 23 2013
Supermoon 2013
The supermoon as seen in Grandview Heights.
Hamilton City councillor Angela O'Leary took this photo from her deck in Dinsdale.
Supermoon 2013
Jesse O'Brien took this photo in Hamilton.
Supermoon 2013
'Lampost and supermoon, Hamilton East'.
Waikato Times photographer Mark Taylor capture this close up shot of the supermoon.

Most Waikato residents would have got a clear view of the "supermoon" in all its glory last night.

The phenomenon occurs when the full Moon reaches its closest point to Earth in its elliptical orbit, known as Moon in perigee - and that happened last night.

Scientists estimate that the Moon in perigee will look about 14 per cent bigger and 30 per cent brighter than the Moon in apogee - when it is at its furthest point from the Earth.

SUPERMOON RISING: The Waikato was treated to a clear view of the Moon.

Hamilton Astronomical Society President Dave Owen said the supermoon would have an effect on tides, "but it is very small, a matter of centimetres".

The Moon was a mere 356,991 kilometres from Earth during the supermoon, but in two weeks' time will reach apogee at 406,490km.