Fog closes Hamilton airport - again

23:38, Jun 25 2013

Thick fog is has shut down Hamilton International Airport for the second time this week.

Air New Zealand confirmed three flights have been diverted.

Flight number 8304, that was due to land at 8.15am from Wellington, had to be diverted to Tauranga because the visibility was below minimal.

The passengers had to be transported via road back to Hamilton. Flight number 5083 from Hamilton to Wellington, due to land at 10am, also had to be cancelled.

Instead, it went to Rotorua and passengers were bussed there to board. The 11am link to Auckland was also cancelled and passengers will be driven back to Hamilton.

While pilots need visuals to land, planes were able to take off.

The mist was beginning to clear just after 11am and Air NZ was hopeful the air would clear enough for the next plane at 1.10pm.

Thick fog also closed the runway to landing planes on Monday morning and the air didn't clear until just before 11am.