Man jailed for indecent assault

20:58, Jul 03 2013

A 23-year-old Waikato man with a history for violence, has been jailed for indecently assaulting a 12-year-old girl.

But despite clocking up a reasonable criminal history for his young years, Henry Mark Fielding never denied his offending and made a full confession to police after the incident in September of last year.

The Hamilton District Court heard this morning the victim had noticed Fielding started to take an ''unusual interest'' in her, and was aware of him watching her in the shower on one occasion.

But it was during a day in September last year, when Fielding was at her home with her on the couch when the indecent assault - which was not skin on skin - happened.

Judge David Ruth said it had a profound affect on the victim and her family.

The victim's mother was now not sleeping well and her health was suffering, he said.


''There's a real feeling that their home isn't safe as it ought to have been.''

Judge Ruth said aggravating the incident was the fact Fielding was serving a sentence of supervision and community work for charges of injuring with intent and assaulting a female for which he added three months prison onto his starting point of 15 months' prison.

''She was vulnerable, of course she was vulnerable, she was 12 years old and for you to have done this at your age too is beyond comprehension."

However, Judge Ruth gave Fielding full credit for his early guilty plea, sentencing him to 13 months' prison.

Fielding was also issued his first three strikes warning, as the charge is a violent qualifying offence.

"If you continue to offend like this you will go away for a long time,'' he warned Fielding as he was lead out of the dock.