Hamilton home saved by quick thinking

22:35, Jul 22 2013

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Fast acting residents saved their Hamilton home from severe damage last night after flames jumped into the roof cavity from their log fire.

Two fire trucks responded to the emergency in Storey Ave, Forest Lake about 10pmbut they needed back up - an extra appliance was called in to assist.

Fire safety investigator Peter Hallett said the quick response and lack of building paper in the ceiling avoided potentially serious damage to the home.

''It's minor damage, but they obviously got onto it quite quickly and it's charred a few of the beams in the roof space and done a bit of damage to the tiles.''

While he couldn't pinpoint exactly how the fire moved from fire place to ceiling, there were a few potential causes.

''It's a timely reminder to make sure people have their chimneys cleaned and also to check that the integrity of the flues and fire boxes are in good working order,'' he said.

''The chimney was cleaned about seven weeks ago and perhaps it had rust in the flue and it's been dislodged or the flue itself was dislodged off the fire place.''

Mr Hallett said building paper has been known to help fire spread across ceilings.''The fact it didn't have any in there was one of the saving factors... the fact they were there and they got onto it really fast saved a lot of damage being caused.''